Our Customers and the environment

Our coffeehouse is a community favorite and we serve serve over 500 people a day on weekdays and around 750 people a day on the weekends.

Many of our regular customers come from all walks of life. We see police officers and utility workers, people from the surrounding high tech firms here in the silicon forest and yes, plenty of families and other local residents. We would love to add you to our family!

As a local business we strive to protect our local environment. Being mindful of that role, we offer a wide variety of environmentally conscious coffee choices like Fair Trade and Organic options. We have been a certified organic facility for over 20 years! Farmed without use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides, choosing organic helps preserve native plant species and wildlife habitat. Longbottom also donates a significant portion of profits each year to the Coffee Trust who supports farmers and their communities in coffee growing regions.

Our roasting operations are our biggest energy expediture. A big reason we use Loring roasters today is because of their energy efficiency. Loring uses HALF the energy of our old roasters – primarily by using a single natural gas fired burner which both roasts and controls emissions without the need for a secondary afterburner. This not only saves us money but significantly reduces our carbon footprint and keeps all our emissions well below DEQ standards.

We have a robust recycling program and compost all our food waste as well as use locally sourced ingredients with a focus on freshness, quality and energy efficiency. Even by-products like coffee chaff, pallets and burlap sacks are re-used by local individuals and businesses.